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Lâcher Prise « Letting go » proposes well-being massages given by experienced and  qualified practitioners.

We work around  St Ambroix.

You may receive a massage session at your home, your vacation location 

We bring a massage table and all the necessary sheets and towels along with a selection of soothing and suitable music for each session.

A selection of gentle or deep techniques, to ground or enable letting go, is available. Note that we propose body, facial or foot massages.  Whether for relaxation enthusiasts or first-timers, handicapped or not, there’s something to be gained for everyone.


Taurumi Massage Taurumi

 Straight from Tahiti, this well-being deep massage releases and unwinds and enables the client to get back on track. This massage is carried out using traditional Monol oil.

Energy work which seeks out contractures.


Lomi lomilomilomi-massage

This tradition massage from Hawaii is stimulating while working on the whole body, thus guaranteeing a pure sensation of « Letting go ». Special emphasis is focused on the forearms.

A harmonizing and deep massage


Nuad Bo’ranthai-onglet

Accompanied by stretching and work on the energy channels, Thailand provides us with the keys for preserving youthfulness. This fully-clothed practice is done on a futon.

Energy work


Hot stone massage

A magnificient experience, a deep relaxing voyage. The heat from these semi-precious basalt stones provides a harmonizing effect while transporting the client far away from everyday life. Gentle with a « dream-like » effect …



An overall approach focusing on relaxation and awakening the psycho-physical consciousness. Practiced using Altearah products, we will ask you to select a color to enable us to understand your emotional state of mind, thus allowing us to work in the most suitable manner. A must for sensitive individuals.

Extremely gentle work


Tui Na facetui-na-onglet

A surprising experience. The face is worked following the meridians. Points corresponding to organs are deeply stimulated. A youthful sensation follows. Energizing while relaxing, this massage is suitable for everyone ranging from experience enthusiasts to very shy individuals.


Qi Nei Tsang Stomach

The belly is a part of the body which is oftentimes ignored or mistreated. Qi Nei Tsang, works on the abdomen with deep and light touches, in view of circulating  Qi or Energy. The objective being to detox, give energy back and to become more aware of the quality of one’s emotional well-being.


Aquatic relaxation

water drop and water rings

If you have a sufficiently hot water basin, here is an original experience. This involves mobilizations in water, either via gentle stretching conducive to letting go and the working of finger pressure points to work on difference blockages. Recommended for those fond of water environments, but also for those who fear water in view of gaining confidence in this environment.


Make an appointment either by phone at: (33) 06 18 93 01 26  or by email at:  contact@ecole-massages-du-monde.fr

Lâcher prise proposes non-therapeutical well-being massages.

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